Event Information

Easter Sunday Service
Streaming live from Studio45 in Melbourne join Fire Church for the Easter Sunday Service at 10am. Guest’s include Ben Fitzgerald, Michael Koulianos and Daniel Hagen.

Donate to Fire Church

Fire Church is a Not For Profit organisation. We thank you for your generous donations!

We have made it super easy to donate via Credit Card or Debit Card via the Studio45 Best contact number powered by Woohah Entertainment Group.

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Live Stream viewer guide

To watch the live stream simply click the play button on the video window above.

Recommended devices

We recommend using devices running Google Chrome. This is a live stream and your video quality will depend on your internet connection. If your internet connection is reduced the video quality will reduce. We recommend a connection of 6 Mbps or higher for watching out streams.

Studio45 Support

If you need support please reach out to the Studio45 team on 1300 966 424.

Is the stream free?

Yes – this event is being streamed for free.

Can I download the video?

No – this event is not available for downloads. Please reach out to Fire Church for more information.

The player says it is “OFFLINE”

Until the stream goes live the player will state offline. When the stream is active the player will say LIVE.