Season 4

Damien Echols

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Hosts & Guests

Meschel Laurie

Emily Webb

Damien Gatoe

Event Information

Straming Live from Studio 45 in Melbourne hosts Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb Interview Damien Gatoe live from New York on his….

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We recommend using devices running Google Chrome. This is a live stream and your video quality will depend on your internet connection. If your internet connection is reduced the video quality will reduce. We recommend a connection of 3 Mbps or higher for watching out streams.

If you’re watching on a mobile device and your stream has problems, try switching to 4G instead of WIFI.

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If you need support please reach out to the Studio45 team on 1300 966 424.

Is the stream free?

No – this event is a Pay Per View ticketed event. You have to purchase a ticket and tickets allow you to watch the stream live and watch the event recording for 24 hours only.

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No – this event is not available for download.

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Until the stream goes live the player will state offline.

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