Studio45 is proud to present Figures.

Figures are performing a full blown live set streaming straight into your homes, wherever you are in the world!

Line Up

8:00pm – Figures

Event Info

Date: 12th June 2020
 Studio45, Melbourne
Band’s Site: Figures page on Facebook
Price: FREE

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About The Band

After six years, two EPs, one single and a commanding presence in the Melbourne live music scene, 2020 sees the release of a debut album from Alt-Metal 5-piece, Figures. On Operating In Unsafe Mode, the band’s distinctive take on melodic alternative metal is familiar, but violently ramps the intensity up in a significant way. With equal parts soaring melodies, blistering riffs and rage, their Alternative rock and metal influences are all unabashedly on display with a subtle but noticeable peppering of prog to keep the more refined local gig-going connoisseurs coming back for seconds.

On the release of 2017’s Chronos, Metal Hammer UK had painted Figures as:

…one of the most promising bands leading the charge, boasting a sound that’s a muscular prog amalgamation of churning, drop-tuned riffs, scintillating melodies and multi-layered density…”

With a live resumé featuring an LA showcase, opening for international acts Hed (p.e.) and Pop Evil, local legends Mammal, Voyager and Twelve Foot Ninja, as well as being PROGFEST regulars and headlining 2018’s AMPED Festival, the band has distinguished themselves as leaders in a new wave of heavy Aussie exports. You can experience the new sound of the Melbourne underground together with Figures on stage as the band ambitiously tours Operating In Unsafe Mode to the nation in 2021.

Figures is:

Mark Tronson – Vocals

Paul Callow – Guitar

Josh Gibson – Guitar

Jen Fletcher – Bass

Adam Zaffarese – Drums

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If you’d like to find out more about Figures click the link below