Live Streaming Services

We combine our 18 years of Live Events experience with the latest in Live Streaming technology to provide your event with Industry Leading, Live Streaming & Video Production services.

We know how important it is to deliver reliable services with more than 18 years Production Management experience in the Live Events Industry; that’s why we own, operate and control our own Streaming Platform – Studio45.Live

Studio45.Live is a hosting platform for Live Event’s and Community Services throughout Australia. Backed by a powerful server network and Including features such as Pay Per View (PPV), Video On-Demand to support and deliver your event digitally anywhere, any time and to any device.

Our platform has been designed from the ground-up to deliver Live Music, Corporate and Community Events without any restrictions on content, bandwidth or device.

Our Online Streaming Service Platform – Studio45.Live – is 100% backed by the Technical Team at Woohah Productions with their Products and Services.


Streaming Options

Solution Driven

Streaming is fast becoming an integral part of Corporate, Live Event and Community Services to reach wider audiences worldwide. We recognise and understand how important it is to professionally facilitate Live Streams for the following:

  • Corporate Event’s and Activations
  • Webinars
  • Virtual Conferences
  • Learning and Online Courses
  • Live Music Events
  • Live Theatre Events
  • Church Services
  • Funerals
  • Weddings

Streaming / Hosting Platforms

Studio45 can broadcast to the following platforms simultaneously: 

  • Studio45.Live website
  • Social platforms such as Facebook or Instagram
  • Video platforms such as YouTube or Twitch
  • Meeting platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Do you require a customised experience?

We can also embed our player directly onto your site keeping everything within your brand guidelines.

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Streaming Value Add-Ons

Dedicated Landing Page

We can create a dedictaed landing page for your event on our platform with a unique URL Slug for your viewers to watch. At no extra charge we can create a page as per your brand guidelines to bring the experience in line with your company image.

This could be and it will be hosted on our powerful server network with a worldwide Content Delivery Network behind it.

Pay Per View (PPV) or VideoOnDemand

Our player engine is coded with smart options that include:

  • Pay Per View
    • Including Multiple Ticket allocation
    • Multiple Currency
    • Quick payment turnaround
    • Low cost Merchant Fee’s


  • LiveTV channel
    (Scheduled Content)
  • Video On Demand
  • Video Download function
  • Call to actions eg. Donate Now
  • Advertising Engine

Live Audience Interaction

Breaking down the barrier between you and your audience has never been easier with our Live Audience Interaction via SMS or Web.

We can create Polls, Q&A’s, Votes and Comment scenarios and place them directy into the stream for the viewer to view LIVE!

Best of all it’s fully moderated so you can remain sure only safe content makes it to the screen.


We have tried to answer most of your questions on the right hand side, if there’s something we missed give us a call on
1300 966 424 or email us below.

Tell me more about how my event would be hosted?

We have invested in hosting for our Studio45.Live site in an Enterprise Data Centre Network providing coverage around the globe ensuring we have the fastest server based latency possible.

We use a Tier-1 Network Transit system linking multiple facilities around the globe with 10 gig-E connections to ensure redundancy and capacity.

Backed by an Australian Content Delivery Network (CDN) we host events anywhere, any time, on any device with Multi-Bitrate adaptive streaming to reach your viewers even when their internet connection isn’t the best!

Whether your viewer is watching on a laptop or an Iphone – our player auto-switches to be compatable with any device!

Is my stream secure?

We have built very strong security features to ensure your content cannot be downloaded or accessed by unauthorized viewers, leaving you in full control over the event stream delivery and distribution.

We use 128 bit AES Encription which can be supported by:

  • Password Protection
  • IP “Lock down” – restricting viewers to certain networks such as your office network
  • Cookie Hotlinking Protection
  • Geo-Blocking / Allowing – restricting viewers to certain regions.
Can I make my video available for download?

Yes, we can activate our Video On-Demand features to allow content to be downloaded directly following a live stream event. 

As well as Live Streams being available for download we can create Video On-Demand playlist’s and WebTV channels to host your content for a dymanic user experience such as Gym or Fitness channels.

What is Pay Per View (PPV)

Pay Per View is a method of attracting revenue from your content whether pre-recorded or Live Streamed.

This could be Ticketed Live Stream Event or Video On-Demand to watch pre-recorded content.

The PPV Platform can support multiple ticket values, date ranges and expiry’s, multi-currency and all major credit cards are accepted. A quick and simple One-Step process makes payments a breeze for selling your event.

Which cards are accepted by the PPV Platform?


All Major Credit Cards are accepted through our Payment Gateway Stripe Payments.

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