Funeral Live Streams

We combine our 18 years of Production Experience with the latest in technology to professionally stream Funeral Services at the highest quality.

We know how important it is to deliver reliable Live Stream Solutions with more than 18 years Production Management experience in the Live Events Industry; that’s why we own, operate and control our own Streaming Platform – Studio45.Live

Studio45.Live is a Live Streaming website for Funeral Services throughout Australia. We work closely with Funeral Homes and Directors to effortlessly deliver professional, high quality, service streams.

You’re in safe hands with Studio45.Live and the Woohah Production Team as you trust us to deliver the service for your loved one on our private platform – Studio45.Live.

Our platform has been designed from the ground-up to deliver Live Stream’s without any restrictions on content, bandwidth or device.

Our Online Streaming Service Platform – Studio45.Live – is 100% backed by the Technical Team at Woohah Productions with their Products and Services.


Our  Package  Includes

Our Live Streaming package includes the following:

  • A customised web page for the service
  • Professional Broadcast Grade Camera System
  • Professional Audio System
  • High quality video and audio
  • On-Site Technician
  • Tribute / Memory wall for loved ones to share photos and memories
  • Recording of the Live Stream

We can also:

  • Facilitate multi-site Live Streams
    eg. Service and Burial locations

Call For a Quote:

(+61) 1300 966 424

Included with the Live Stream

Dedicated Web Page

We will create a customised web page for the service on our platform with a unique web address for your family to view the Live Stream. 

This website will work throughout the world and it has been designed to work on any device.

Tribute Wall

On your personal web page where the stream will be avialable your family and friends will be able to share memories and photos of your loved one. 

It’s one of our most loved features when Family Members get to share their memories whilst watching the Live Stream.

Any device, Anywhere

Our website Studio.Live is designed to work throughout the world on any device. 

Your family members throughout the globe will be able to watch the service LIVE as we professionally capture and share in High Definition Video and Audio.


We have tried to answer most of your questions on the right hand side, if there’s something we missed give us a call on
1300 966 424 or email us below.

How easy is it to Live Stream a service?

We make the process effortless with our 18 years experience in Production Management and Live TV Broadcast.

Our team at Woohah Productions HQ will build your customised web page and make sure you are happy with it. You can then share the link with your family members where they can start sharing photos and memories on the Tribute Wall.

We will then send one person to the Service who will Professionally Film and record Audio Live into our Live Streaming Software. This stream’s directly to the web page previously setup LIVE to the world.

Your friends and family members will be able to watch the Live Stream anywhere in the world on any device with an internet connection.

Can I use a password to restrict who sees the Live Stream?

Yes – we can secure the player with a password of your choice if required.

Can I make my video available for download?

Yes, we can activate our Video On-Demand features to allow the Live Stream to be downloaded directly following the service.

I'm a Funeral Director, How can I stream Services?

We already partner with many Funeral Homes and Directors to deliver reliable Live Streams.

We will create you a customers Landing Page for your business, branded with your company guidelines.

We can also provide code to embed into your existing site should you wish to host Service Live Streams there instead.

Is my stream secure?

We have built very strong security features to ensure your content cannot be downloaded or accessed by unauthorized viewers, leaving you in full control over the event stream delivery and distribution.

We use 128 bit AES Encription which can be supported by:

  • Password Protection
  • IP “Lock down” – restricting viewers to certain networks such as your office network
  • Cookie Hotlinking Protection
  • Geo-Blocking / Allowing – restricting viewers to certain regions.
Tell me more about how the Live Stream is hosted?

We have invested in hosting for our Studio45.Live site in an Enterprise Data Centre Network providing coverage around the globe ensuring we have the fastest server based latency possible.

We use a Tier-1 Network Transit system linking multiple facilities around the globe with 10 gig-E connections to ensure redundancy and capacity.

Backed by an Australian Content Delivery Network (CDN) we host events anywhere, any time, on any device with Multi-Bitrate adaptive streaming to reach your viewers even when their internet connection isn’t the best!

Whether your viewer is watching on a laptop or an Iphone – our player auto-switches to be compatable with any device!

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