Norma Gloria Bueno Keech


A Service to Celebrate the life of Norma Gloria Bueno Keech will be held at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church on Friday 28th of Aug 2020 at 9am AEST.

A video livestream of the service will be available via this webpage.
A Tribute wall is available at the bottom of this page for memories to be shared.

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Funeral Service -Friday 28th of Aug 2020 at 9am AEST

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  1. Oh , so much love and beautiful words. Love to you all.

    • Janie – love back 🙏❤️✖️

  2. From the earliest age, we were told that Norma was a special lady. Sure enough, as we grew-up, we knew that statement to be true, as Norma was all heart and all class. Together with Reg, they were an inspiring couple. Condolences to Jane, Peter, Fiona, Sue and families. We were all with you today. Love and best wishes, from Ash Ross, Jason Ross and families.

    • Mum & Dad were very proud of you , Jas & your families & we all are too. Much love 🙏✖️❤️

  3. A beautiful service and farewell for a lovely lady.
    Thinking of you all Pete, Thais and Angus, Jane, Sue, Fiona and families.
    Reg and Norma were both always so caring and welcoming. They’re now together again after a trying six months.
    May Norma Rest In Peace.
    Thinking of you all.
    Peter and Lyndall Flinn and family

    • Thanks so much Erol,
      So much history there.
      Appreciate your message & 70’s pic – live it. Thanks. Much love sue

  4. A beautiful farewell for a beautiful & gracious woman🌹

    Thankyou for the priviledge & blessing to have been able to assist you & Reg in your last ‘special’ years together Norma.💖

    It was a gift also for me to see Jane, Peter, Sue, Fiona & your respective families, help & support your beautiful parents during the time of their need, lavishing on them, love, honour & respect, from your hearts.
    It truly reveals what kind of people Reg & Norma were, when your children & the next generation genuinely love being around you.💖

    Love, respect & gratitude,


    • How beautiful Ruthie,
      So precious & we all have such gratitude for you, the work you do & the person you are.
      Love to Shane & your kind self xx

  5. Beautiful service today for Norma, my love and thoughts are with you all.
    Jackie Jennings

    • Thanks Jackie, & my love & thoughts with you & Shirley – it must be so hard for her. Please keep in touch

  6. How blessed are Jane, Peter, Sue and Fiona to have had such wonderful parents and much blessed are we to have spent time with Reg and Norma up here in their beloved Far North Queensland and in Melbourne.

    • Ash & Suzanne,
      Thank you so much.
      Yes- blessed we are – they were truly remarkable & we have so much gratitude for that.
      Much love

  7. Dear Fiona and Family,
    A beautiful tribute to farewell your loving mum. From your words spoken today Norma was an incredible woman and we can see her reflection in you. ❤️
    May she Rest In Peace and reunite with Reg.
    Thinking of you all.
    Love Amanda, James and Mert xoxo

    • Beautiful Amanda
      Thank you so much. Yes, Fee does embody much of Mums goodness & I am so proud of her.
      Much love 🙏❤️✖️

  8. Norma I am so very great full to have met you and Reg in 1973 you are an inspiration to every one your life was so meaning full. The memories will live on for ever in my heart RIP with your beloved husband Reg.
    To Peter Jane Sue Fiona and Grandchildren with Love Richard Adams and Family

    • Thanks so very much Richard,
      So much history there – so many life lessons – so many teachings. We are all so lucky to have had mum & dad in our lives.
      Love to you & your family xx 🙏❤️✖️

  9. A beautiful service for an adored, loving and precious woman.

    • Thanks beautiful Susie. Looking forward to catch ups & hugs
      Much love 🙏❤️✖️

  10. A wonderful tribute to a beautiful lady. Jane, Pete, Sue and Fiona I send my love and will keep you in my thoughts. Norma and Reg will always been in my memories as the charming and loving couple they were. Mrs Keech you were a loving and delightful person who would always bestow a piece of wisdom upon me. I admired you greatly and will never forget your cheeky persona. Rest now with your husband, together in grace.

    • Thanks Jules,
      She loved you. Always thought you should end up with a banker!
      She was a ledge down. Much love 🙏❤️✖️

  11. A wonderful farewell to your Mother and to Reg’s little “Champ”; I feel sure that Reg will now feel more complete
    You all did her proud, a wonderful life and a great reflection

    Sincere Sympathy to you all

    • Thank you so very much Ross. We all hope that all is going well for you at Warragul. Blue skies today – a wonderful farewell.
      🙏❤️ Sue & all xx

  12. A very special lady who will be missed by many. Beautiful service. Hugs to all the family. Love Pat & Tim

    • The sun is shining superbly on the beautiful Azaleas today. Looking forward to seeing you soon. With great thanks 🙏❤️✖️S & R

  13. Dearest Sue and family,
    Your mum sounds like such an amazing person. I hold you and your loving family in my heart, during this difficult time.
    Much love,
    Sandra Siapantas

    • How beautiful Sandra. You are a treasure & I can’t wait to spend quality time with you. Much love to you 🙏❤️✖️

  14. Dear Jane, Peter, Sue, Fiona and Family
    As you know, your parents met my parents when Norma was nursing and Reg was at University. They were a beautiful, inseparable couple.
    Normas eyes shone and she always smiled when speaking of her family. She loved you all so much.
    Norma was a wonderful friend. She was a great conversationalist, very caring and loved a good laugh.
    Norma will be missed by all who knew her.
    Love, Helen, Howard and Family.

    • & she loved all of you too! We grew up with daily 5pm phone calls to “Gert the flirt” as we would affectionately refer to your beautiful Mum. Lots of history there. Much love to you all 🙏❤️✖️

  15. Dear Sue and Family,

    Thinking of you as your farewell your beautiful mother.
    May she Rest In Peace.
    Annie Rosati (Siena College)

    • Thank you so much Annie – so appreciate your words & the community at Siena 🙏❤️✖️

  16. Farewell gracious lady. We’re so glad we can share in today’s Service for Norma during COVID times.

    • Lovely to hear from you Randle. Thank you – much history there. & May I say, your boys & their families are superb. Keep well up there in the Sunshine coast. Best to Tric & family 🙏❤️✖️

  17. I’ve known gorgeous Norma and her beloved Reg for nearly a quarter century. I met them through their daughter, and my dear friend, Susan Keech. One of the greatest gifts Susan has given me was the friendship of this amazing and generous couple. Knowing them has enriched my life greatly. Norma was the personification of class and charm.  She was always a delight to be around. She was as her family put it, “a wellspring of kindness”. I always ended an in person meeting or phone conversation with her feeling better about the world. What a gift she was. Though I don’t live in Australia, I enjoyed Norma and Reg’s very kind hospitality on many occasions during four different trips to Melbourne. The last one was in September 2018. I was to travel to New Zealand for a friend’s 50th birthday. I booked the trip during a day in August. And in that very night in my sleep I awoke to the words: “you need to go to Melbourne too.” The next morning, I changed my plans to squeeze in four days in Melbourne to see Susan, her husband Robert, and of course Norma and Reg. I cannot express how glad I am that I changed my plans. The photo attached below is from a lunch we had together on that trip. Norma was as beautiful as ever that day.  And we had the most lovely visit. The last time I spoke to Norma was on her birthday, 13 November 2019. I would call her every year on her day to wish her a happy birthday. We had a delightful visit. It was as if distance and time meant nothing. I am so grateful that I could call such remarkable people my friends. Both Norma and Reg will be greatly missed by me and by all the many lives they have touched through two remarkable lifetimes. 

    • How beautiful Tyler Byler- yes, they loved you & loved hearing about your many adventures . I miss you. Sending love 🙏✖️❤️

  18. We were so blessed to have known Norma, a truly beautiful lady. Her passion for life and devotion to her family paramount every day. Norma and Reg now united in love forever. Our thoughts and prayers for Sue, Peter, Jane, Fiona and families. With love Franz and Rhonda

    • 🙏❤️✖️ Thank you so much – they loved you & loved spending time with you xx


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