Gregory James Stuart Scott


A service to celebrate the life of Mr Gregory James Stuart Scott will be held at Highfield Road Uniting Church on the Friday 28th August 2020 at 11.00am AEST.

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  1. The first time I saw Greg he was accelerating up the exit ramp of Mobil Oil Australia’s City Road building in a Rolls Royce. I was a very junior Operations Engineer at the time (1977?) and handsome Greg seemed to me to be the epitome of success. Our paths never actually crossed then but I somehow knew of two of his passions, flying and cars. Some 25 years later I discovered that we shared a passion, sailing, when I joined a racing crew at Royal Yacht Club of Victoria. Greg was a long-standing member of that crew and I was so happy to have finally met him properly. I got to know Deidre too and fondly remember a 5 day adventure to and from Queenscliff with them on their boat. ( We had planned to go to Westernport but engine trouble curtailed that trip.) Greg’s unwavering devotion to Deidre was a rare and precious thing.

  2. I am saddened by my life long friend’s passing. When we talked about a month ago he was his usual crisp and chirpy self. He, and later Deidre were a part of my life, my mother’s – Sybella Curnow – and my brother’s. He would crash into my parents home in Geelong, dropping his bike and station himself in the kitchen. As adults he and I would cross paths in New York, Sydney and Melbourne. He did live a full life and refinding Deidre was wonderful for him. My thoughts and love to Deidre.
    Love Sue

  3. Dear Deirdre,

    Ann and I extend our deepest sympathy to you and your family. Greg and I joined Mobil at about the same time in the early sixties, and we both spent our entire careers working for the company. Our paths crossed many times – we enjoyed working together and our friendship continued in retirement. I will be reminded of the good times with Greg as we enjoy Penny’s regular singing in the Highfield Road Church choir.

    Our thoughts are with you all at this sad time.

  4. We were very pleased to be able to view the live stream of Greg’s funeral service and hear some details of his life that we had not been aware of. We have very fond memories of the time we spent in Washington DC in the mid 1990’s and the help and friendship Greg and Deirdre showed to us there. Particularly noteworthy were the generous loan of Greg’s car when we first arrived in Washington and the several occasions that Greg and Deirdre looked after our dog, Rikki (who had accompanied us from Melbourne) when we went travelling around the US and overseas during our stay there. When we returned to Melbourne at the completion of Alan’s assignment Greg and Deirdre happily offered to look after Rikki again for a month or so while we travelled home and got re-settled. They were both very “doggie” people and no doubt missed having one of their own while they were in the US.

  5. Thank you for Royal yacht club of Victoria for letting us know of the service to Greg Scott

  6. Dear Deirdrie, Sally, Penny and all the family,
    My deepest sympathy and condolences to you all, for the sudden passing of your beloved Greg.
    I will forever treasure the fond memories I have of Greg, his guidance, caring, kindness, sense of humour and energy.
    Love to all,

  7. I have many fond memories of both Greg and Deidre
    We wish to be remembered that Greg was a long time member of the Cruising Yacht Association of Victoria,
    I personally had spent time with both Greg and Deidre on their boat at Royal Yacht Club of Victoria.
    He will be sadly missed for his many contributions to all of us and wish the family comfort at this time.
    Take care and comfort for Deidre.

  8. RIP Greg. You will be missed by your family and friends

  9. Rest in peace, Greg.

    From all your friends in your gliding “family” at the Victorian Motorless Flight Group and Melbourne Gliding Club.

    I’ve received a number of messages from our members with fond memories of Greg – a “real dynamo” one remembered.

    Our condolences and best wishes to Deirdre, and to Sally, Penny and your families. We are thinking of you.

    With kind regards and best wishes,

    Tighe Patching
    President, Melbourne Gliding Club


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