Studio45 is proud to present Chris Buxton & The Deep Flow Frequency.

Chris Buxton & The Deep Flow Frequency are performing a a live set with songs about his life and his life this time around is intriguing.

Line Up

7:30pm –Chris Buxton & The Deep Flow Frequency

Event Info

Date: 5th July 2020
 Studio45, Melbourne
Band’s Site:
Price: FREE

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About Chris Buxton

G’day. My name’s Chris Buxton. The musicians I have with me in the studio and performing live are known as The Deep Flow Frequency.

I’m a songwriter, but I am also well and truly more than that.

I write songs that I hope will make you feel good because you should. Whether you understand it or not, you are by your very nature Magnificent.

I hope that my songs are also going to make you dance and move because we can never have too much of that in our lives.

I write songs about my life and my life this time around is intriguing. I may not remember the specifics, but this is absolutely not my first time enjoying the ride down here.

I am one who always desires to go deeper. I want to understand as much of the truth about everything in this life and how the universe works.

My understandings have been shaped by my experiences. They are not my understandings because I’ve read about them or believe in them conceptually. They are wholly borne out of my experiences.

I go within for my answers and I have assistance that I can call on. I listen to the voice that’s under all the noise.

I am the one doing it down here on Earth, but I’m well and truly blessed with a finely tuned connection, to a collective consciousness that I am able to plug into.

We are all made of the same stuff, so funnily enough, you can too.

I plug into the source of everything. It is a loving force. The loving force that is the Everything, is gentle, warm, joyful, creative and has an incredibly wicked sense of humor.

I don’t have all the answers to everything, but you don’t need to fully understand something to be able to experiment, enjoy and allow what it brings to your life.

Should you choose to engage more fully with this loving force yourself, it will likely be a gradual reveal that will go on and that’s probably exactly as it needs to be.

What I am discovering and what I want to share with you all is some really good news.

Life is far more intriguing and mysterious than you have been led to believe.

I will be going into all of this more extensively in my “Conversations” section and you will soon hear this in more of my songs, but for now, I want you to know and hopefully one day feel, that at the heart of everything in this universe, is the most beautiful, unconditional love. It is most likely beyond what most of us humans can comprehend at this moment in time.

I am here to experience myself as that love and I intend to completely work it all out before I go!

You are also that love. You may have forgotten this like most do. You may feel disconnected from it, like again, most do. The truth is though, you are that love and you too are all these amazing things, and your connection with that love can never be never lost. It is merely about whether you will choose to sharpen that connection up.

The love that is the Everything can be allowed to flow potently through your body and it feels amazing. Think of an orgasm of the highest quality or a high that you might have experienced on a drug. Yes! That’s right, but when you’re doing it right, it’s better than both of them put together.

Not only can this love flow effortlessly through your body, it can speak through you and with you, it can paint through you and with you and just generally, you can allow this love to walk in your shoes.

So if you’re interested and you want to know more, just listen in.

I’ll be doing everything I can, in any way I can, to be that love. That love wants you to know the truth. That love wants you to relax and enjoy yourself.

That love is you, and you are, in the end, just love playing a little game with itself. Why would love not?

So if you choose… relax, breathe, clear a space and listen.

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