Hunter Round


A Service to Celebrate the Life of Hunter Round will be held at The Studley Grounds on Monday 4th May 2020 at 3pm.

A webstream of the service will be available from this page.


You can share a memory or send a message to the family by filling out the Tribute Wall below.

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Tribute wall


  1. To dear Katie and Darren, We are so sorry for your loss of beautiful Hunter. Sending all our love, Narelle Crabbe and James Fyffe xxoo

  2. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to you and your family Katie. We will keep you all in our prayers.

  3. Dear Darren & Katie,

    Our deepest sympathies and prayers are with you. We each hold special memories which we cherish.
    With love, Nick, Melissa, Xavier & Eloise

  4. Dear Katie
    My sincere condolences for your loss. I recall your many lovely stories of beautiful Hannah, may she Rest In Peace.

  5. Dear Katie and Darren, we want to express our sincere condolences and to let you know that our thoughts are with you. Ben and the AIM team

  6. Dear Katie and Darren, We are deeply sorry for your loss of Hunter. The service was beautiful. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and may Hunter rest in peace. Lots of love Sonia and Simon

  7. Thank you for all the happy memories, laughter and care you showed me through my short time with your family. Hunter was always a good friend that I could always count on making me laugh. I wish our time together could have been longer, but I will remember him everyday knowing he is at peace. I will never forget the kindness you showed me Katie. Thank you for raising such a beautiful friend.
    All my love and wishes

  8. Dearest Katie and Darren,
    We will always remember your precious Hunter with love and smiles and happiness.
    May his beautiful soul now rest peacefully.
    Please know and feel our love for you both not only for now but for always……
    All our love
    Dean, Helen, Alex, Jess, Charlotte and Maddie xxxxxx

  9. Darren and Katie

    We will always remember that cheeky, toothy grin under the baseball cap. Our thoughts are with you at this incredibly tragic time. We will forever think of Hunter when the Crows take the field and they play their song.

    Andrew and Donna

  10. Hunter was such a charismatic student. I always remember in orientation, how confident and warm he was. Some people take a long time to get to know but Hunter had an energy that just glowed and everyone warmed to him immediately, including myself. I’m so very sorry for your loss, and my heart goes out to everyone who knew and loved Hunter. I hope and pray that he has found peace at last and can be free of the debilitating pain that plagued him. While I wish I could have known him better, I am glad to have known him. You should be proud to have raised such a wonderful young person.

  11. Dearest Katie and Darren, our Deepest Sympathy to you both on the heartbreaking loss of your beautiful Hunter
    Lisa, Jason, Ella and Thomas Cartwright xx

  12. Katie and Darren, we send our thoughts to you in this terrible time. May Hunter now be free of all pain.

  13. Dearest Katie and Darren
    Our deepest condolences to you both. Our thoughts and prayers are with you today. Willow will forever cherish the wonderful footy and basketball memories she had with Hunter. May he rest now in peace. all our love Trish, Gavin, Dylan and Willow

  14. Dear Katie and Dear Darren

    On behalf of Austin Health, I offer our sincere condolences to you both at such a heart-breaking time. Hunter will be missed! Our hope is that he may rest in peace. Words are never enough at a time like this, but please know you are both in our thoughts.
    Alison Smith
    Divisional Manager – Child and Youth Mental Health Service

  15. Oh Katie my heart is so heavy for your loss. Thank yo for sharing hunters story ♥️ Such a beautiful service ♥️ Thinking of you both x

  16. Dear Katie and Darren
    What a beautiful service.
    Hunter’s life, whilst short lived, was surrounded by loving family. I will never forget the love you both had for him.
    Thinking of you both and sending all my love, care and sympathy,

  17. Beautiful and deeply moving eulogies from both of you Darren & Katie. Thoughts and best wishes with you both. My condolences and sympathy with you . Love & hugs. Mark

  18. Thinking of you Darren and Katie – Steve VicAve

    • Katie and Darren,
      What a gorgeous ceremony and celebration of Hunter’s life.
      My thoughts are with you and so glad I could be there with you today Katie via live stream.
      All my love,
      Megz xx

  19. Our hearts ,love and prayers go out to you KT and Darren now and always.
    We have so many fun, happy and sporty memories and stories of Hunter ,especially with both of our kids….from playdates in Adelaide to the many family trips to Melbourne for AFL footy, 20/20 cricket, Museums & Moomba Festivals.
    Hunter’s cheeky, fun loving and biggest grin that would light up a room and the many memories will stay in our hearts and minds forever .
    Loads of love from Felicity, Michael, Jake and Maddison xxxx

  20. Our condolences on the sad loss of your sweet angel Hunter. May the angels accompany Hunter on the journey to his final resting place and grant him serenity. Love from Elina and Michael Eliades

  21. Dear Katie and Darren,

    We’re saddened about the loss of your beautiful Hunter but happy to know he will be up there in heaven looking after our boys Edward and Harry.

    Sim, Jim and Claudia

  22. Dear Katie,
    Condolences to you and your family on your heartbreaking loss.
    From your friends and former colleagues at the LIV.

  23. Dear Katie and Darren

    Our deepest sympathies to you both.
    Hunter will always have a special place in Our hearts
    We love you
    Georgie Sophie and James

  24. Dearest Katie and Darren, our heartfelt sympathy for your loss of a truly beautiful soul. We will forever cherish lovely memories. All our love,
    The Conabere Family Lisa, Marcus, Will, Abbey and Jay

  25. Katie and Darren our hearts go out to you both. We will always treasure the beautiful memories of Hunter and especially the lovely friendship shared with Charlie and Will.

  26. Dearest Katie
    Thinking of you and sending you my heartfelt sympathies. My love and prayers are with you and your family.

  27. Our deepest sympathies Katie and Darren, we are thinking of you.
    All our love,
    Carolyn, Artemis and Clementine

    • Thinking of you both
      Anne &Al

  28. My deepest condolences on this most unfathomable of losses. Sending you all the love and comfort I can muster, knowing it can never be enough.
    Alicia, Alexandra and Maddi xxx

  29. Dear Katie & Darren
    Our deepest sympathy for your loss
    Thinking of you both at this difficult time
    Michael & Anna Iudica

  30. Dear Katie and Darren,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and our hearts are aching for you.
    We will always cherish beautiful memories of Hunter.
    Jeremy, Vesna, Tash and Carly

  31. Feel so sorry for you Katie and Darren , it’s been hard for you both

  32. Dear Katie and Darren,
    Sending you love and light. Keeping you both and Hunter in my prayers.
    Love Sayurie

  33. Katie and Darren, we are so deeply sorry for your loss.

    Hunter you will always have a very special place in our hearts and we are all so grateful we had you in our lives. You were a beautiful person and we’ll miss you.

    All our love, Pen, Dan, Liv and Sam XXXX

  34. Thinking of you Katie and Darren all our love Brendan Monica

  35. I wasn’t lucky enough to meet you Hunter but thanks to your truly incredible mother, your life and journey is in my heart and will be part of our family forever. I hope you are at peace and full of love.
    Thinking of you Katie and Darren.

  36. A letter for you both Katie and Darren from Archie

  37. Dear Katie and Darren,

    Our hearts are aching for you.

    Here’s to moments shared being cherished forever.

    A cheeky smile, caring heart, passion for sport, deeply competitive spirit and love of music will be the essence of Hunter we carry in our memories.


    Paul, Jane, Olivia, Charlie, Imogen and Archie

  38. Thinking of you Katie and Darren, and sending you love and strength. Hunter was such a beautiful soul and will be missed always.

  39. Thinking of you Katie and Darren. Sending you both so much love and strength. Hunter was such a beautiful soul and will always be missed.

  40. So sorry for your loss.
    Thinking of you at this awful time.

  41. Remembering all of the fun times and thinking of you xxxxxxx

  42. Thinking of you Katie and Darren, beautiful Hunter will stay in my heart forever. All my love Jo

  43. Thinking of you Katie and Darren in this time of remembrance of the life of Hunter and the happy memories that we can all retain – gone but by no means forgotten- All our love Sally Alan and Liam

  44. We want to express our deepest sympathy and let you know our love and prayers are with you and your family. Lots of love, Lisa & Patrik, Maxine Carmen & Lara xx

  45. We are so grateful for the happy times we got to share with you and will always hold on to the wonderful memories. Rest easy beautiful Hunter ❤️ The Rattrays

  46. Dear Katie and Darren, we will always love and miss Hunter, we are thinking of you with our love, Margi and Paddy

  47. I will always cherish the memories of you my grandchild and will always regret that l didn’t get to know you better Hunter in the short time you were with us RIP. Darren and Katie our thoughts are with you both in this tragic time.

  48. Always in our hearts ❣️🕊 so many memories of two little ones – six months apart – rolling around playmats, playing in parks, chasing each other at the beach and at play centres. You will forever be wearing your baseball cap and entertaining us with your sense of humour and stories. You will forever be missed.

  49. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Katie and Darren. We have so many happy memories of laughter and mischief with Hunter who will always remain in our hearts forever.
    Lots of love
    Paul, Fiona, Grace and Maddison


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