Let’s setup and test your system with ZOOM

Please follow the steps below to test your internet connection, download the correct software or app to get you ready to integrate into a live broadcast!

If at any time you get stuck you can chat live via the Chat window on the right hand side or by calling +61 (0) 3 9078 2333.

Step 1 - How the Video Link works

Thank you for joining us here at Studio45. This tutorial is designed to guide you through the requirements for interacting with the studio via a Zoom Video Link.

You’ll need some computer hardware as well as some software, this is detailed in Steps 2 and 3.

You’ll receive a unique link to the broadcast where you will be able to Video Link into the broadcast.

At all times there is someone to support you during this process – simply click the chat to the right “Need Help?”

Step 2 - What hardware you'll need

To get started you need to have a computer or tablet to run software as well as a Microphone, Speakers or headphones. See below for more information:

Video Link Device

You’ll need a computer or a tablet to run the software (see step 2). Once we have the correct software installed we’ll run a check on your hardware to make sure it’s working correctly.

Hardware we recommend as a setup:

– A windows laptop running Windows 10 or an Apple Laptop.
– A webcam which can achieve a resolution of 1280 x 720. Most modern day laptops have a built in Webcam. This will be ok.
– A microphone. Most modern day laptops have a built in Microphone. This will be ok but you will need to remain close to your laptop.
Heaphones to listen to the broadcast.


Most modern day latops have a built in Webcam. This is normally ok and the hardware check coming up in Step 5 will check this.

If your laptop doesn’t have a webcam we recommend this USB one from Officeworks – view here.


Most modern day latops have a built in Microphone. Whilst normally this is ok they can pick up a lot of background noise so we recommend a dedicated headset with a built in microphone.

An example from Officeworks can be viewed here.

Step 3 - Software you'll need

Zoom Logo

We’ll be using the product ZOOM to bring you into the event. Please make sure you are running the latest version by clicking the link below or checking how to upgrade if it is already installed.

Click here to download the latest version of Zoom. You’ll need to download the Zoom Client for Meetings.

Other apps running on the same device

We strongly advise you turn off / shut down all other apps that could be running. If you have apps using your internet connection it can affect the video quality we receive.

Using a VPN

If your device is running a VPN Service – please turn this off. VPN’s tend to slow down your internet connection which will affect video and audio performance.

Step 4 - Environment


It’s super important to make sure your environment is good for broadcast. It needs to be a bright, well lit environment with no noise.

Sometimes facing a window is the best light, if you cant do this turn on all the lights you can in the room where you will be presenting from.

Make sure the backdrop to where you will be presenting is a flat wall with no objects / household / office items visible. 

Step 5 - Conduct the System Test

Using an internet browser on your device go to the link below. It will run a series of tests. It’s going to ask to view your webcam and listen to your microphone – this is ok, press ALLOW.


When the test’s have finished all the sections should be green, marking them as a pass. If anything is yellow or red please reach out to us to discuss further.

Testing Zoom with a test meeting

You can also launch a test ZOOM meeting anytime at zoom.us/test.  This will launch a meeting where you are the only participant (you can then invite others if you want to).

This option will also let you test your videotest your audioscreen sharing, and chat.

See the article Joining A Test Meeting in the Zoom Help Center for more information about using the using the Zoom Test Meeting feature.

Step 6 - Connecting to the Zoom Meeting Link

A team member from the Studio45 Team will share a unique URL via email which you will need to click to access the Zoom Meeting. This is a one time URL and it will be unique to the event you’re linking in to.

When you click the link it should open the Zoom app and connect to the meeting. You’ll be asked to connect your audio, select connect via Internet Audio.

More info on how to Join the meeting can be viewed here.

Remember to speak slowly and clearly as you speak and direct your voice towards the microphone you’re using.

There is someone constantly monitoring the feed, if you need help you can reach out via the chat or by calling +61 (0) 3 9078 2333.